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In many works and projects there is a visible part and an invisible part. We have already shown quite a bit of the visible. That is why we are opening a door to a few actors behind the stage.

 But whoever we definitely have to talk about backstage, even if we don't present them in detail, these are the many supporters of the Bosna Quilt Workshop: the initiators and organizers of our exhibitions, the loyal visitors to our events, the buyers of our quilts, all the well-meaning towards our work. All of them are simply vital for our workshop. We thank you most sincerely.

Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger

You already know Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger. She also comes first behind the scenes, because she she runs the workshop in a friendly and competent way. In the photo she is archiving Bosna Quilt cards from 28 years during the lockdown. She keeps in touch with Safira in Bosnia, with buyers, she packs and sends ordered quilts, organizes new exhibitions, buys new fabrics and fleece rolls and keeps the extensive address files for post and email dispatch up to date. And at some point in between, Lucia designs new quilts. This is what an artist's life looks like.

Daniel Lienhard

Daniel Lienhard is lucky to have come to the Bosna quilt workshop through his wife Lucia (in truth it was the other way around, he met his wife through the Bosna quilts). The entanglement of design and social, which is so wonderfully realized in the Bosna Quilt Project, is what interests him most anyway. Lucia and Daniel do as much together in the workshop as they can, in the foreground and in the background. They both drive to the exhibitions, are both there when the workshop is open, travel together to Bosnia. Daniel's domain is everything that has to do with everyday graphic work in the workshop. He designs invitation cards, advertisements and posters, makes sure that a newsletter is sent out every month, and he also put together the content of this website. Daniel Lienhard is an illustrator and visual designer (
Photo Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger

Laurenz Feinig

When we have big plans in terms of design, we call Laurenz Feinig a documentation about our workshop or a new website. For us, Laurenz is the ideal cast. He was eleven years old when Lucia, his mother, started the Bosna Quilt Project. So he saw everything from very close up right from the start. Today he is a designer, typographer and photographer and has two sons himself. He now has the necessary distance from the workshop and belongs to a different - i.e. younger - generation than we do. Laurenz designed the beautiful picture books about the Bosna quilt workshop. And recently this website. He also photographs our quilts. It is thanks to Laurenz's professionalism that you can study the finest details for every quilt in our online catalog.
Photo Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger

The Bosna Quilt Workshop Association

A small, non-profit association is behind the Bosna Quilt Workshop. He backs us up, makes sure that everything is right and checks what has to be checked by law. Here, too, people who are of good will get involved on a voluntary basis, for which we thank you very much. The association's board of directors is currently composed as follows:
• Elisabeth Stöckler, chairwoman (managing director of the Liechtenstein Cultural Foundation, founder of the Hittisau Women's Museum)
• Eva Hagen (teacher and choir director)
• Cornelia Duelli, treasurer, (teacher for textile design)
• Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger
• Peter Steiner (tax advisor)
• Daniel Lienhard, keeper of the minutes
The two auditors are:
• Helmut Giesinger (municipal office manager)
• Wolfgang Brändle There is no current photo of the board. As soon as we have one, we'll add it here.

Bosna Quilts

Text: Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger, Daniel Lienhard, Laurenz Feinig.
Gestaltung: Grafische Praxis, Feldkirch, Development:
Fotografie: Daniel Lienhard, wo nicht anders angegeben