Bosna Quilts

Beautiful handwriting


Every Bosna Quilt is quilted by hand. By eleven different women. And thus in eleven different handwritings. Over the course of time, every seamstress has developed her own script for the seams, her own repertoire of ornaments. Anyone who takes a closer look at the seams can try to guess who made a particular quilt. Lucia can do this with most of the quilts: «This one is from Sada, the one from Emina, this one could be from Camila, and this one can only come from Mirza Kozo.»

Safira Hošo

Sabina Dolo

Ševala Hadžimesić

Emina Hošo

Munira Karo

Hedija Kazagić

Mirza Kozo

Vesna Malokas

Mirza Mašić

Sada Srna

Camila Sudić

Bosna Quilts

Text: Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger, Daniel Lienhard, Laurenz Feinig.
Gestaltung: Grafische Praxis, Feldkirch, Development:
Fotografie: Daniel Lienhard, wo nicht anders angegeben