Bosna Quilts

Picture or blanket?


Whether as a picture on the wall, as a blanket over the bed or as a bedspread on the sofa - Bosna Quilts feel good in many places. Take a look at rooms in which our quilts have already found a home.

In a reading room, Ebnat-Kappel (CH)

Over the bed, Bayern (D)

As a plaid on the armchair or on the sofa, Oberösterreich (A)

In the hotel, staircase to the rooms, Biohotel Schwanen, Bizau (A)

In a doctor's office, Wien (A)

In the bedroom, Malcantone, Ticino (CH)

Over the bed, Bregenzerwald (A)

In a library, Stadtbibliothek Wil (CH)

Over the bed, Berikon (CH)

Altar cloth in a church, Evangelisch-reformierte Predigerkirche, Zürich (CH)

Room divider in a private house, Vorarlberg (A)

In the music room, Bozen (I)

Over the bed, Friaul (I)

Bosna Quilts

Text: Lucia Lienhard-Giesinger, Daniel Lienhard, Laurenz Feinig.
Gestaltung: Grafische Praxis, Feldkirch, Development:
Fotografie: Daniel Lienhard, wo nicht anders angegeben